Relaxed sessions with the life model

Every Sunday unless holidays, natural disasters or existential Angst keep us at home (check here for up-to-date details!).

7.30pm-9.30pm - 6 € (untutored)
No registration required
Mikes Werkstatt 1030 Vienna

A nice person gets naked for us and makes shapes, and we draw them.

Usually we start with shorter poses and build up to longer ones, with breaks every 25 minutes (eg 5 x 5 min, 3 x 10 min, 2 x 15 min, 1 x 25 min). Sometimes we do one long pose the whole evening. Everything is announced here!

Wine and snacks for everyone!

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Upcoming sessions - June 2018

03. Sarah - short poses
10. Jozef - short poses
17. Alex - short poses
24. Clementine - pregnant session

figure drawings by Gertrud Hahnkamperfigure drawings by Irina Kebodrawing of girl drawing by Apollinaria Frydmann

Portrait sessions and extra long poses

On special occasions we get together on Mondays, 7pm-10pm, and work on a portrait or full nude-figure. This can be a single session or two or three weeks with the same model, same pose. This means you can PAINT.

These are open sessions, which means you can work as you please.

8 € for the open (untutored) session
Mikes Werkstatt 1030 Vienna

Currently no portraits or long poses scheduled for 2018

profile portrait painting by Marianna Blierportrait drawing by Nicolas Riveroportrait painting by Gordian Hafner

Tutored life drawing

If you feel a bit lost at sea at the figure sessions, come a little earlier and stay a little later. We will set a task for the evening and talk you through some ideas, and you can work at them on your own with the model. At the end, we'll look over the drawings and give feedback.

Sundays 7:15pm-9.45pm (starting 04.03.18)
20 €
Tutor: Samantha Groenestyn BA (Hons I)
Mikes Werkstatt 1030 Vienna

life drawinglife drawinglife drawing

Life models

Whether you are an experienced model or want to try it out, get in touch and we can discuss the details. We're always happy to hear from you.