Learn traditional drawing fundamentals at your own pace

NO CLASS 06 June & 20 June 2018

Last session: 27 June 2018

Wednesdays 6.30pm-9.30pm (3 hours)
30 € per session
Or 25 € per session when you buy 5+ at once (see terms and conditions)
Mikes Werkstatt 1030 Vienna

Straight-up, focused, immersive drawing classes. Just pencils and a whole lot of time on our hands.

drawing of sculpture of head drawing of simple volumes drawing of russian dolls

How it works

Week by week, we build up your skills with targeted exercises. Everyone begins in the same place and follows the same curriculum, but they start at any time, and move through the material at a pace that's comfortable for them.

We artists are practical creatures. Knowing something in your head is different to owning that knowledge in your body. We lavish time on drawing because it's only through the doing that we acquire the ability.

At Mikes, time slows down. Shutting everything out, getting absorbed in the rhythm of drawing, we turn our attention to specific puzzles. By engaging our brains we use our time in a directed way.

The teacher is there to set the task, help you pace yourself, anticipate where you are going. You solve the puzzles, but you've got a sympathetic drawing-friend nearby when you hit a wall.

No rules

Everyone encounters different things when drawing; everyone understands things in slightly different ways; everyone is excited by different elements of drawing. That's why for every idea, many different approaches are suggested.

Over time, you will build up patterns of working that work for you, that emphasise concerns that matter to you, that integrate the approaches that make most sense to you. We have no strict rules, only the insights from many different and distinguished artists from across the world to draw on, as well as our own solutions from years of puzzling.

Expect one bias though--towards thinking spatially, and treating what you see as volumes. We call it form drawing. It's a different way to think, and very empowering. You'll test your understanding of what you see, and be less dependent on fixed conditions. Free yourself from working visually!

gestural drawing of figure drawing of draped fabric drawing of hands

What it means

Longer, fully-rendered drawings, over several weeks

Increasing your attention-span and discipline

Working on your own projects (not group work)

Still lives and cast drawings, and other curious exercises as necessary

Regular feedback and help

Snacks and bad jokes

Tutored figure drawing

There are no life models at the Wednesday classes. Instead, come a little earlier and stay a little later on Sundays for some extra tuition. Get a task for the night, work independently, and then receive constructive feedback at the end.

Tutored Sunday session: 20 € total (model and teacher)
7.15pm - 9.45pm


2D accuracy
Properties of light
Design / composition
Colour -- move on to painting!


2B pencil (old friend)
Gummi eraser
A3+ paper
Board and clips for paper


By email

Not sure if you're nerd enough? The first class is 25 € so you can decide if it's for you.


Samantha Groenestyn, BA (Hons I)